With nearly 50 years of experience in the construction and real estate management sector, we are able to fulfill your dream of buying your dream home in Italy.
We are not a real estate agency, we do advice for those who want to buy a property in Italy, on the whole national territory.
Our services are tailored to customer requests.

What we do

1 - Contact

First contact from client to our office

2 - collecting information

We will collect all the information's about the client's request

3 - Research

Through our partners we will search for the properties that best suit the customer's requests

4 -Options

We will evaluate the best properties with the customer and restrict the choice

5 - Code Checking

We will do extensive research on the properties chosen to check that they do not have problems related to Italian laws and regulations, and that therefore the purchase can be made without worries by the customer.

6 - finalize

We will finalize the offer and we will manage all the practices to get to the purchase of the property, making the customer safe through all the necessary procedures.